Samsung Galaxy S5 benchmarks leaked, beats every other Smartphone

Gadgetgyaan: Samsung Galaxy S5 is already getting the required heat. Earlier this week, we told you about the Samsung Galaxy S5 specs and release date and now the benchmarks are also leaked and the result declares it as the ultimate winner.

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TechImperia2816d ago

I think fingers will be pointed at samsung and like always they will deny claims of 'benchmark boosting' this time too.

SniperControl2816d ago

My S3 just destroyed a second SD card in 16 months! As i was reporting the fault, a Vodafone rep, mentioned that the S4 has a similar problem, wonder if those benchmarks picked up a that little fault.

My Samsung days are over, looking forward to the Z2 soon.

93d2816d ago

i am looking forward to nexus