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HP Readies a Chromebox for a Spring Release

Maximum PC: Are mainstream users ready to live primarily in the cloud? With all the Chrome OS devices coming out (along with the ones that are already available), this year will be a good litmus test for the platform. Joining the ranks of those offering a desktop solution is HP, the world's second largest PC maker, which plans to launch a Chromebox in the spring. HP's Chromebox will initially debut in the U.S., though the OEM is mum on the price.

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newsguy2907d ago

the chromeboxes are coming!

gizmig2907d ago

After chromebook now its the time for chromeboxes!

secret610072907d ago

Recently Asus launched a Chromebox, first one being the Samsung's..

gizmig2907d ago

Ok I didn't knew about that. Seems like I have to be more update myself. Thanks anyways.

whatswithjeff2906d ago

Asus was the first one to unveil their Chromebox. The product looks very promising. More or less they will have the same specs. Check out here: