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Google Changes Homepage To Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

ThatNaijaBlog - Eventually everyone has stumbled upon Google’s homepage today, but it’s the web search giant new logo that should keep you thinking for a while.

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gizmig2809d ago

"Right to Equality for all human being". Is this the Google's next mission?

proudly_X2809d ago

You mean Robots? Because that's the only next project I know about..

gizmig2809d ago

May be, we never know what's gonna be Google's next big step. That's why some of my friends call Google the "Big G" of the internet.

360ICE2808d ago

Self-driving cars and Google Glass among others. You're welcome. Tell your friends.

gizmig2808d ago

Google is proving to be the big "G" of the internet.

awiseman2808d ago

Rights my ass. They censor the internet right here in the USA. I want in Bing for the first time in months fed up with this political crap.

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FRAKISTAN2808d ago

Google going political and people get surprised and call governments liars when google gets banned in countries like china for promoting something political

SilentNegotiator2808d ago

China bans any search engines that allow users to find out anything bad about their own government.

awiseman2808d ago

Surprise suprise and people say corporations aren't in bed with the government. I actually got annoyed at this. I'm tired of this crap getting shoved in my face. I finished my internet searching on Bing.

Pandamobile2808d ago

You're tired of companies advocating human rights?

rowdyBOY2808d ago

gays , lesbians are not accepted and should never be .

its not a natural for humans to involve in a disgusting act.

what happened to the people of prophet lot ??? they were

destroyed for practising this filth .

rules are made in heaven , not in the minds of humans .

evil_element2808d ago

Ahh ha... Should everyone be the same in your world.

Oddly enough peoples mind aren't ruled by a book.

If its the prophet from the religion I am thinking of its a book about killing everyone who doesn't believe in it. Its a book about torturing animals and treating women like whores.

You going to round people up like Nazi germany?

Then let those people be punished in heaven. What is it to do with you what people do?

Said in better words, go fuck your shitty religion.

zerocrossing2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

I hate to break it to you but your religion is a farce. It's a blatant attempt by racist, sexist homophobes to enforce their own selfish ideals on everyone, by disguising them as rules of the world and words of god.

Do you seriously think if there was a all mighty, benevolent god, that they'd even care about two people of the same gender going at it? No, no they would not.

As far as I'm concerned religion is just a crutch used by those too weak of mind to adapt to reality.

AsimLeonheart2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Atheism is the latest fad, isn't it? Well, that is your personal opinion and personal matter but you do not have the right to insult anybody's religion. Corrupt clergymen does not makes the religion itself bad.
Moreover, I do not think a mortal creation like us would be able to comprehend how an almighty god thinks. If a god created us and loves us then he would definitely care for our well being because love gives birth to care.
You may not believe in religion or God but just imagine that when you die and find yourself standing before an almighty being to answer for your deeds, what would you do? Rationality demands that one believes in God just in case God exists. It wont harm you to believe in God and find out after death that there is none but it will definitely harm you to not believe in God and find out after death that there is one.

evil_element2808d ago

Since homosexuality is wrong does that make them broken goods?

Does that mean anyone who is perfect at any point in life is broken and that we should wipe out all the human mistakes like the Nazi did?

AsimLeonheart2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Man, I read the comments replying to you and they are quite antagonistic. People have become really apathetic towards religion and religious people. I think a few corrupt and bad clergymen have ruined the reputation of religion. Religion is essential for human society because it provides us with moral codes and standards of right or wrong. How do you define right and wrong if there is no religion? If we resort to opinion then everybody have different opinions and if we resort to reason then again there are different rational views. Despite people denouncing religion, all the ethicists and scholars have not been able to come up with a universal moral code. That code can only be provided by a religion. Homosexuality is forbidden in all major religions and only the modern secular and "liberal" world considers it right or a personal matter. However, if a major portion of the human population becomes homosexual and does not have any children of their own then what will become of the human species? Extinction is the only answer. An action cannot be right if it is harmful whether in short term or long term and whether on an individual or community level.

hazelamy2808d ago

i actually laughed out loud at that.

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Exodecai2808d ago

Why the fuck should it matter who someone decides to be with. Let them fucking be, there are SO MUCH more worse issues in the world and we focus on this?