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Apple drops top Bitcoin app from marketplace

CNN Money: Apple has pulled popular Bitcoin app Blockchain out of its mobile marketplace without explanation.

The Blockchain app, downloaded 120,000 times during its two years in Apple's iTunes App Store, was the most popular way for people and companies to transfer bitcoins from one another. Apple removed it from the store on Wednesday.

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KingPin2809d ago

Apple once again showing what A-holes they really are.
their innovation stopped the day Jobs passed away.
now they bully and copy everyone else just coz they in the position to do so.
whatever way they can make money, even if it means cutting the small guy, they will do it. for a multi-billion dollar company, this is just pathetic. people should stop supporting them and their selfish ways.

nohopeinc2809d ago

Jobs was just as much anti innovation.

Gondee2804d ago

They are playing hardball, can't fault them too much. Companies are anti-choice, always will be.