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Guy builds adult-sized, roadworthy Little Tikes car

Vyralize: John Bitmead decided that he wanted to built his very own adult-sized Little Tikes car that ran on gas and was roadworthy. After 1,000 hours in the garage and spending just about £4,000 (a bit over US $6,500), he was able to realize his dream of replicating the childhood icon into something that could actually be driven around town.

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ajax172810d ago

I just don't get it. All that money spent to make that thing? So weird.

UnwanteDreamz2809d ago

I don't think 6500$ is alot for a car. Celebrities and athletes spend that on a night out.

Speed-Racer2810d ago

Wonder how many ladies I can pick up in this swagmobile?

SilentNegotiator2810d ago

With the age-group of girls attracted to Little Tikes, I'd suggest worrying more about how many years you get in the big house. lol

nix2810d ago

some guys never grow up. and that's a really good thing. stay young fella!

Spiewie 2809d ago

That much money could buy a solid car but this is more than a solid car haha this is a monument xD