Lumia 1520. Best of the Best?

Android Waypoint: Many reviews have labeled Lumia 1520, the best Windows Phone. Is the 1520 simply the best Smartphone in today's marketplace?

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gizmig1874d ago

Will it be the best? Rare to listen those words for Lumia.

MericS1874d ago

Thanks for the read. Are you saying the Lumia devices overall are not up to par.

gizmig1874d ago

Yes, kind of. As of my personal experience I don't like a few models of Lumia that I used earlier though I don't have any idea about Lumia 1520.

MericS1874d ago

Lumia 1520 is my first Windows Phone and from all the reviews, its the best Windows Phone to date. So I have no experience with previous Lumias. WHen the 32GB version became available, it was the icing on the cake.

gizmig1873d ago

I hope it goes all well for you. Good Luck!

ajax171873d ago

I don't see the appeal of Windows phone. Those live tiles are just too foreign

MericS1873d ago

Understood. I think for me, having a W8 desktop for some time allowed for a more unbiased look when I decided to move over to Windows Phone. I'll admit though, took some time to adjust.

ajax171873d ago

Yeah, I'm still on Windows 7. I think I'm going to skip Windows 8 altogether. Microsoft has a bad track record with their even number OS'

kingPoS1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I've messed with one before, other than the default web filters, annoying preset apps and default settings, it's a pretty decent phone/hotspot.