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Steve Jobs wanted to run Mac OS X on Sony Vaio laptops

Gadgetgyaan: Steve Jobs was there in Apple and a lot of stories are still hidden but slowly with time, the world is coming to know about it. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he wanted Mac OS X running Sony Vaio laptops. All this happened back in 2001.

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Spiewie 2811d ago

Hmm don't think it would happen. I woudn't want it to happen anyway don't like Apple software hmm hardware too.

Gadgetgyaan2811d ago

Sony had sold their VAIO business and along with that Apple's hardware and software are very good and advanced.

Hozi2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

People keep saying apple's software is very good, but I don't really see it. Good should mean I paying thousands of dollars more for this mac than that it should literally have like the latest technology graphics and processor wise in it. I tend to find Laptops around the $800-$1000 price range have eauall or better specs than macs that are over $2000.

Gadgetgyaan2810d ago

Yes, there are a lot of laptops out there. But at the end the application present on the macs are quite exclusive like final cut pro x which is not available for windows. Along with that Apple's Mac do have more features than Windows. But those laptops are much better than Apple. Apple is used by business class only.

Hozi2810d ago

While I agree Apple does indeed provide a stable platform for the business class to handle their stuff with...I am an animator, I may not own a big buisness but I work for big businesses and I get all my work done on PC/Windows laptop easily. I have the Adobe Suite CS6 and A few other needed programs. I never ran into a problem of not having proper software on PC to create my animations/ads.

As for the theory of Macs not crashing as much and less likely to get a virus...I've learn't over the years that it's not the machine you have but how you use it and take care of it. I've never ran into virus problems or crashing problems on my pc. Okay maybe a couple crashes here and there but that was because of things I contributed to. Not random.

Speed-Racer2810d ago

@Gyaan - Pfff gonna use Final Cut as an example? What about Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro? I suspect you've never used Windows 7? Many PCs these days are more than capable of running programs efficiently, without crashes, and in a sense, users are becoming more aware thus leading to less viral infections. If anything, Windows is a more secure OS than OSX. You can take your 2005 argument somewhere else.

Gadgetgyaan2810d ago

We have used Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro. But those are also available for Mac Users. We have already said that those PCs/Laptops are better than Mac. See Windows is used for Multi-purpose but Mac do have limitations. And is used by the professionals. However, PC is used by the rest and some of the professionals too.

SilentNegotiator2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

They should have just allowed their OS to be non-proprietary to their hardware. We could have lived in a world without the PC near-monopoly we've had for over a decade.

ChrisW2810d ago

Sony probably wouldn't be in such financial troubles today if they had teamed up with Apple...

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