Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology coming soon

Gadgetgyaan: A lot of cars and bikes are there with million of drivers and riders who use the vehicles for transportation and among them, there are few who lose their life. Now, the US Government ( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is working on the Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Technology for a long time.

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93d2907d ago

possibilities of such technology is huge but security of such systems remain a big problem

SilentNegotiator2906d ago

The latest chapter in the US's efforts to make cars improbably expensive. At least we will be safe when there's hardly any cars on the road.

clonerz2906d ago

What does the auto insurance industry say about this because it would hopefully negate the need for such a thing. I'm all for it damn insurance companies could care less bout you when you need them most

sjaakiejj2906d ago

Interesting tech but a horrible article. Is there a reliable source for this?

kingmushroom2906d ago

perfect excuse for gas prices to go up out of nowhere