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Declaring a Winner in the Browser Wars is Complicated

Maximum PC: Now that January is in the rear view mirror, we're presented with our first opportunity to see which browsers are off to a promising start in 2014 and which ones are destined to be also-rans. The problem with attempting to do so is the lack of reliable data. To show you what we mean, let's first look at data from NetApplications, which has Internet Explorer in a dominant position with a 58.21 percent share of the browser market. Looking at the numbers, IE is pretty much untouchable.

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newsguy2813d ago

friends don't let friends use IE

KingPin2813d ago

i'm an opera fan, one of the few.
tried others but IE sucks (UI wise).
FF got too clunky for my system. started using high resources.
Chrome works too but its really too plain for me.
Opera uses the chrome as a base, but is customizable for the most part. the main add-ons are available.