China begins work on 53,000-ton aircraft carrier

Vyralize: "A report from the Chinese newspaper Ta Kung Po has confirmed China is building its own aircraft carrier, the first to be built by the country itself. Communist Party secretary in China’s northeastern province, Wang Min, informed the press that construction has started."

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N4OGs2818d ago

They actually building those arks the aircraft carrier is a cover. Tickets to get on the ark is 1 billion euros by the way.

Wikkid6662818d ago

53,000 tons just doesn't seem very big.

mushroomwig2818d ago

About half of what a U.S carrier is, still not bad though.

ProjectVulcan2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

For 1964, it's a heavy carrier.

For 2014, it's a medium carrier.

Nimitz and the new Gerald R Ford class are heaviest but a large part of that is being nuclear powered. Then the Queen Elizabeth class being built, then Liaoning which is a Soviet era carrier sold to the Chinese and in service as a practice ship for China's future carrier fleet.

The Chinese were supposed to be building 'super' carriers on the same scale as the Nimitz class but it seems this will be built first.

Qwagy UK2818d ago

Mrs Wong will be happy.