Teenage Girl Burned When iPhone Catches Fire

seacoastonline: A female eighth-grade student was burned when this iPhone caught fire Friday in her back pocket while she was in a classroom at the Middle School of the Kennebunks.

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Spiewie 2823d ago

iPhones are dangerous people xD watch out hahaha.

HughLAD2822d ago

I have an iPhone... ooops.

n4f2822d ago

This girl is on fire

Athlon2822d ago

lol I get the Alicia Keys song reference.

FamilyGuy2822d ago

She took off her burning pants in class, that's pretty hot.

ajax172822d ago

Who leaves their phone in their back pocket anyway?? What a dumb thing to do.

FamilyGuy2822d ago

Sitting on your phone is just asking for trouble anyway.

HughLAD2822d ago

Agreed haha it must be so uncomfortable...

Soldierone2822d ago

Well she did buy an iPhone, that explains a lot ;) haha

Soldierone2822d ago

Wish I had a smartphone in 8th grade.... You know what I was begging for in 8th grade? A CD player, which I didn't get until I got my own job in high school.....

HughLAD2822d ago

We can all relate to this.

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