Online petition to deport Justin Bieber to go up for White House review

Vyralize: Created just six days ago, a petition on demanding the deportation of Justin Bieber from the United States has garnered over 146,000 votes. At the time of this post, the figure stood at 146,812 votes.

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GenericNameHere2465d ago

For goodness sake, why are people petitioning for this? Sure, I don't like him. I didn't mind him before, but now that fame has gotten to his head and started acting and looking all douche-y, I've started hating him more. BUT that's not enough to make me want him get deported. What has he done to deserve this? Has he done a crime? Last time I remember, making horrible music was NOT a crime.

Please, someone tell me what this kid did to deserve so much hate, that over 140,000 want him gone from this continent. Why waste time on him, when we could be petitioning for something greater and more worthwhile...

TuxedoMoon2465d ago

"This comes after Justin’s most recent run-in with the law where he was arrested for driving with an expired license, drag racing in the streets of Miami, and driving under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately for Bieber, since he was not granted a green card, but rather a special visa given to important celebrities and government officials. Given the severity his latest wrongdoing, experts are debating whether it would be a serious enough offense to get his visa overturned."

He's done a lot of stupid things, besides making bad music of course. A light google search should inform you more of what other stupid stuff he did.

By the way, he spits on his fans.

SilentNegotiator2465d ago

How have you not heard any of the things that he's done? It's been impossible NOT to hear his name lately.

He's so proud of his Canadian heritage, let him go back to Canada and stumble, puke, punch, and crash expensive cars there.

GenericNameHere2465d ago

For me, yeah. It was possible to not even notice his name. I barely use Facebook and Twitter, and have NEVER visited TMZ or wherever these kind of news are reported. I only try to look up celebrities when they're doing a movie or TV show that I find interesting. Only commented on this because I'm already on N4G, and I previously thought this was stupid article. However, now that I've heard of what he's done, maybe he should be punished for doing so horrible.

ThatCanadianGuy5142465d ago

Please no.We don't want him back.

SilentNegotiator2464d ago


Then we shall compromise. We must create an in-betweeny region, like the Koreas, and leave him there.


LOL, you don't have to watch TMZ or use social media to hear his name and the things he has done. TV news, comedies, game shows, news sites, people on the streets; it's everywhere.

cell9892465d ago

have you been living under a rock? he was arrested for street racing, had he killed someone the would you consider him getting deported? Poor Paul White died doing the same thing, but this turd gets a freebie?

Kurylo3d2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I hate justin bieber as well, but actually that was a trumped up charge. Bieber pleaded not guilty.

There was a gps in teh car that never clocked it past 50 mph on that road he was allegedly street racing on. If your drag racing a lambourghini your sure as hell going to pass up 50 his blood acohol level was so low it was like he barely even took a sip.. in no way drunk. Cop lied and said his breath smelled of liquor which isnt even possible for what was in his system with the lab results. Basically the cops were looking to make an example out of someone by being crooked as they are... and they arrested him for nothing just cause they can.

GenericNameHere2465d ago

Unholy heck, really? Jeez, fame REALLY went through his head then.

Well then, I'm sorry. I haven't been following celebrity. In fact, I don't even visit Yahoo news or whatever. I personally don't give a hoot about these celebrities, and the only time I look for news about them is if they're on a movie that seems fascinating. The fact that I've previously said I don't follow music news, and don't really like non-gaming music, is even more reason why I've never heard about these things Bieber has done. These past few years, I've tried to go out of my way and skip every Justin Bieber related news. So I guess, in a way, I have been living under a rock.

cell9892465d ago


got to give it to you, those were all fantastic points

ObiWanaTokie2465d ago

lol paul white, some might say mr walker was going....... too fast......too furiously?

cell9892464d ago

lol yes Paul Walker x) Pual White is the guy from the undertaker ^__^

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KwietStorm_BLM2465d ago

Uh yea he has done a crime lol a few of them, including attacking his limo driver AFTER the arrest. I don't like the little douche either, but I still think this petition is a joke. We have FAR heavier things to worry about in this country than to lay this crap on the white house right now, of all times. It's only because people know who he is. Any regular person, we wouldn't even know he did these things. But demanding he gets deported? He didn't attempt murder, there hasn't been any repeated breaking and entering, no rape. It's just because it's fukn Beiber, and people actually have the gall to bring this to government. Cmon man.

itisallaboutps2464d ago

It's not like the white house gets anything that is worth done anyways. This is just funny because obama is now requored to talk about the subject which is hilarious

gedapeleda2465d ago

Why would you want him to go to heaven?

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ChrisW2465d ago

I'd even sign a petition recommending capital punishment.

boing12465d ago

Haha, omg. People have too much time, seriously.

Saithraphim2465d ago

LOL this is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. Frankly i dont care about him or what he does...hes no different from alllll the other celebrities that act crazy when the fame sets in. What I DO care about is that despite all his crap, he prob pays alot more taxes to the US government than 99% of the people who signed that damn in perspective, he makes an ass of himself every chance he gets (to the entertainment of millions even those who hate him) AND hes contributing millions to the US win to me

D3athc3ll2465d ago

Leave the poor kid alone. Look how messed up he looks. It is a shame to see someone like this.... Where is the love people. Rich Justin is only a human like all of us. He just sucks at it... Still I don't hate him.

Lets all go play our games and let him be?

FlameBaitGod2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

This has gotten just super sad.... how fking jealous can the world(boy teens) get, like seriously wtf ? Celebrities does shit like this all the time and you don't see the hate this kid gets.

D3athc3ll2465d ago

I dont mind Bieber, he not that bad. Just playing. To be honest, he actually got a song or 2 I would consider listening to. I dont know him personally and dont want to. He is a star and Ill leave him at that. I dont want to be a star, cause you always get hate!

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