UK government plans switch from Microsoft Office to open source

The Guardian: Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude plans to standardise on open formats to cut costs on Office suite and break 'oligopoly' of IT suppliers.

Ministers are looking at saving tens of millions of pounds a year by abandoning expensive software produced by firms such as Microsoft.

Some £200m has been spent by the public sector on the computer giant's Office suite alone since 2010.

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gizmig2628d ago

Microsoft to Open Source. Is that a good idea?

Speed-Racer2628d ago

Nope. The German government did that and switched right back shortly after. Open Source is great but it's still not as advanced for some of the needs of the government.

gizmig2628d ago

Yes, that is what I thought too. But isn't it possible if someone code the open source so well while keeping the security levels intact? I guess there must be some solution to it in near future if there is nothing as of now.

Speed-Racer2628d ago

I guess in time that would happen but then again there are the few features which MS Office will always have that others won't (at least in terms of compatibility when content is shared to others outside the organization).

SnakeCQC2628d ago

Open office and google documents are quite awesome. I have ms word on my laptop and transfer and use files to my pc(uses open office and google documents. I haven't really needed or missed any of the extras ms has but liked the cloud storage of google doc)

Speed-Racer2628d ago

What about spreadsheets though? Are those Excel functions cross platform or limited to MS? I think that's one of the areas where other office suites fall short.

SnakeCQC2628d ago

open office has calc which looks very similar to excel and im sure google has a version that has similar functionality and feel. Im quite shocked that germany went back so soon; it takes like a minute of opening up the different open office things and working out which is which.

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Crazay2627d ago

Office 365 is enough to make anyone want to switch to something else. I effin' hate 365.