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How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username

Medium- A story of how PayPal and GoDaddy allowed the attack and caused me to lose my $50,000 Twitter username.

SJIND3531d ago

Best security is to have nothing of valuable...!

Raccoon3530d ago

The best security is to not exist at all, because even before we are born we are worth something...

hiredhelp3530d ago

RRRRRR So thats were ive been going wrong

Speed-Racer3530d ago

Saw that twitter reset his account and before he got the chance to re-sign up, someone else swooped up the name. How funny is that?

gizmig3530d ago

$50,000 twitter username. I don't know how much mine is worth. Anyone interested in buying mine. LMAO!

hkgamer3530d ago

its a shame that guy actually had his godaddy and other webistes held hostage.its stealing and companies should have done something to resolve thst matter.

im not surprised some companies giving away personal information. a clueless staff will always give information away.

i've managed to get information from banks before without giving proper personal info. well it was for my account and my brothers, but getting full name, dob and address wrong and still able to get some information is downright scary.

Torunkz3530d ago

I guess he regrets not taking that $50,000 offer now XD

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softwaredeveloper102d ago

Informative and engaging, well done!

101d ago