Meet Samsung's Android-less Smartphone

Gadgetgyaan: Samsung dominated the smartphone industry with their Galaxy family and then Samsung felt that it requires something else to get more attention and then they came up with Tizen OS. Now, take a look at the first Android less Smartphones from Samsung which are being leaked by the Korean folks.

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hkgamer2654d ago

Samsung ZEQ9000...
That name is definitely marketed towards the asian markets. If it is to be released in the US and european market then it needs to change its name.

maybe something generic like the Samsung One :D

Gadgetgyaan2653d ago

lol. Samsung may launch it in US on different carriers. And that could be a code name and Samsung can modify it anytime.

ajax172653d ago

Looks ok. It reminds me too much of windows though... eww

Crazay2651d ago

I can';t say I'm a huge fan of the windows 8 OS on the phones either.