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"CES 2014 introduced us to some of the latest technology. The BMW I3 was one of those inventions. This all-electric BMW combines sex appeal, innovation, and convenience to make something that car enthusiasts are going to love. The BMW I3 is able to be charged at any electrical socket, essentially making any area with an outlet a power source for your vehicle." - GamerFitNation

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level 3602458d ago

It's not a sportscar or even a sporty car, it's a hatch.

The *i8 is their sportscar.

Pan the camera a bit quicker next time so we can see the interior.

Great on BMW for re-inventing the platform and probably making electric-powered cars quite an interesting proposition.

steven83r2458d ago

Ya definitely not a sports car. Don't think he's a car guy. BMW always fucks up their designs. Show a bad ass I8 and i3 design then play it safe and make it dull and boring like their cars.

Umm. BMW making electric-powered cars quite an interesting proposition?
Have you not heard of Tesla? $60k will get you a faster, way more luxurious car and gets over 200 miles on a charge. This thing apparently gets only 80-100? And knowing BMW will set you back over $50k.

spaceg0st2458d ago

wow, not even one wide shot of the car itself? amateurs.

SilentNegotiator2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )


GamerFitNation summed up in a single word.