FashionWare 2014: EroGear Wear Lets you Tweet on your Feet

GamerFitNation: Erogear is bringing fashionable technology to gamers and techies alike. While at CES 2014, GamerFitNation got the chance to interview Anders Nelson Founder and CTO of EroGear. Erogear was one of the highlights of FashionWare 2014 and it was well deserved.

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Redinfamy2459d ago

I want the bag in my life and yes the heels too

Soldierone2458d ago

Too bad the didn't show it working beyond flashing LED lights :/

Redinfamy2458d ago

I would have loved to see a live tweet but I guess more updates are on the way : )

Soldierone2458d ago

Shouldn't really be showing off a product that you can't even demonstrate yet lol

It's an exciting idea, but what they showed is already on the market. It's not new to throw LED lights in clothes. The whole twitter updates and what not is what makes it special.