Yahoo pokes fun of Gmail down time on Twitter, then retracts tweet

Vyralize: Someone needs to teach Yahoo how public relations works after they were quick to poke fun at Gmail after Google suffered a minor service outage. The outage temporarily rendered services like Gmail, Hangouts, and Google+ unusable for a short time on Friday afternoon.

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GentlemenRUs2669d ago

Lol people still use Yahoo? That should have died out long ago like Ask Jeeves.

Speed-Racer2669d ago

Yea, to send all their spam to.

SnakeCQC2669d ago

People in the know still use it as yahoo is one of the few companies with the spine to stand up to the nsa.

360ICE2669d ago

Guessing that's because NSA doesn't care about Yahoo to begin with. What self-respecting terrorist cell uses Yahoo for mail?