WD Black2 Dual Drive 120GBSSD + 1TB HDD Gets Discounted, $60 Off Its Price "Are you planning to upgrade your laptop or notebook’s storage drive soon? Are you still undecided whether you should go for a larger hard drive capacity or get a faster solid state drive instead? Look no further cause Western Digital’s latest drive – the WD Black2 Dual Drive, is both an SSD and HDD in one single 2.5-inch SATA interface. The WD Black2 is a combination of a 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD sharing a single body and SATA interface. This innovative drive is perfect for laptops, notebooks, Ultrabooks, all-in-one PC or even small form factor PCs. Check out more features, its specifications and where to buy the WD Black2 with discounted price below."

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