Windows 9 release date revealed by Hacker for PC manufacturers

Gadgetgyaan: All of us were excited with Windows 8 and thought that after Windows 7, it will be the next big thing. But we were not correct since most of the people who used Windows 8 either didn’t liked or don’t have other options to switch. But a hacker revealed the release date of Windows 9.

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adorie2659d ago

This better be a lie. If Microsoft don't get a proper windows up and running and start caving in to more open policy then Linux is going to start eating away at them. It's already starting to happen on the gaming front.

yezz2658d ago

Can't see that happening yet.. Gamers and such may switch to Linux but majority of users are basic and I think they will stick with windows or mac if they own one.

2pacalypsenow2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

lol Hundreds of millions or even billions of people of Executives and regular users use windows and you think a few million Gamers using linux is gonna hurt them?? MS is still the best platform for PC gaming

pompombrum2658d ago

" Maturing and fixing the "Metro" design language used by Windows will be a major focus area of Threshold"

Well I guess Microsoft are changing the good one, bad one cycle of Windows then. Metro looks good for tablet devices but really, I don't that ugly design greeting me everytime I boot up my desktop.

Linwelin2658d ago

Metro again o.O i hope not, or i will be sticking to windows 7, Microsoft needs some proper competition, i just hope Linux will be that competition.

ATi_Elite2658d ago

Looks like I will be sticking with Windows 7 for an ETERNITY and I'm OK with that.

GentlemenRUs2658d ago

They never learn... I'm stuck with Windows 8 but I can dual-boot into SteamOS whenever.

I will not buy anymore OS's after 8, M$ Killed the brand.

2pacalypsenow2658d ago

People said that after vista then 7 came out

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