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Yesterday, the Internet Solved a 20-Year-Old Mystery

Slate- Yesterday afternoon, a woman seeking help with a decades-old family mystery posted a thread on Ask Metafilter titled "Decoding cancer-addled ramblings":

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SJIND2470d ago

Cool, but I'm a disappointed that it's just a prayer...

ChrisW2469d ago

The code in Masonry uses a similar style, but a little more elaborate.

Of course, you can find out how to read the code online because it's one of the few secrets of Masonry that is the most interesting.

1nsomniac2469d ago

This whole story reeks of bullshit!

Why would she write code in the first place?
Why after 20 years would you only ask other people now?
How does this piece of paper look brand new even though its 20 years old?

This is just redneck religious propaganda used to stir up some magical psycho-babble.

1nsomniac2468d ago

Just commenting on how ridiculous it is & how it managed to make a news article.

krazykombatant2468d ago

Wow looks like the neckbeards found their way to techspy....