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Gamerhubtv - Digital entertainment service M-Go has partnered with Samsung to kick off its 4K Hollywood movie and television show service, adding four times the picture quality over HD to its huge library of films and series. CEO John Batter explains what's in store for early adapters and why Xbox One will be the first 4K gaming device in this exclusive interview from CES 2014.

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jagiii2476d ago

4K streaming is supported on Xbox One but not PS4 (as of yet)

Crazyglues2475d ago

Yes it's because it's coming in a firmware update, Sony didn't really have time to lock down all of the features as they were coming closer and closer to launch. -The bigger problem was trying to meet demand.

They thought they wouldn't really need it right away, as 4k content is still a while off, but fan demand has forced them to start work on it A.S.A.P

So it will be coming in a future firmware update.