Valve has no VR headset, it's backing Oculus Rift Despite speculation, Steam and Half-Life house Valve is not building its very own virtual reality headset. Instead, it's working together with VR headset pioneer Oculus to "drive PC VR forward" with Oculus Rift, Valve revealed during day two of it's Steam Dev Days conference.

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Garethvk2478d ago

I played HL 2 on it via the Piston PC at C.E.S. last week. When standing you can become dizzy so it is best to be seated or lean against something. It was a bit more pixelated than standard and had a red hue to it in game but it did add a new dimension. You just cannot play some games for an extended amount of time without being dizzy or disoriented.

Agent_hitman2477d ago (Edited 2477d ago )

I've experienced the same thing when I was playing Doom 3, HL 2 on my old Pentium 4 pc before.. At that time I feel like I'm gonna puke and I feel the vertigo lol...

Garethvk2477d ago

Here are some images of the Rift at CES when I was using it and one with another.