3 Reasons Apple Should Have Bought Nest

ReadWrite: Google surprised the tech world Monday with its $3.2 billion acquisition of smart-thermostat maker Nest. Given that Nest was founded by former Apple executive Tony Fadell, who designed the iPod, lots of people had assumed the company would eventually get snapped up by Cupertino. But some press reports suggest that Apple wasn't even in the bidding.

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OldParr2474d ago

It is what it is! Should've or could've, there's no point to talk about it.

otakukidd2473d ago

No.. Just no. Apple would of been the worst. If apple bought them they would of removed android support the day they announced being bought. At least now there will be ios AND android support because google puts everything on IOS

Gondee2472d ago

Apple has no business with this product. Its android for Christs sake lol