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Do Regular People Actually Care About CES?

Gizmodo - The past week at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show, we saw a ton of cool, crazy, and downright unbelievable technology. Inevitably, in this orgy of tech nerdliness, some of what we saw will have a huge impact, while some will be doomed to vaporware status. But for the normal, non-tech-blogger consumer, does CES really matter?

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Speed-Racer2673d ago

Not really. Only techies will like CES since most of the products don't hit market till a year or two later at a fancy price.

proudly_X2673d ago

Those were exactly my thoughts. The CES is more about manufacturers and geeks.. The average man walking on the streets doesn't care much about, neither does he knows if CES has some booth babes.. :p

ajax172673d ago

Meh, who cares about "regular people" anyway... lol

Azurite2672d ago

Regular people don't know about CES' existance.