CES 2014: The year of the bendable TVs (Day 1)

TechSpy: CES is back again and this year's most prominent feature isn't 4K televisions so much, but more bendable TVs! Yes 4K is still a think but with the push for even larger displays, various manufacturers are looking at improving the cinematic experience. They believe that bending the TVs could give us an even greater feeling that we're actually in the movie or show when watch it.

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Gadgetgyaan2485d ago

Thanks for the incredible tour.

level 3602485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Think 4K is absolutely great tech and another leap in resolution..

..but most free-to-air TV programs are only using 576i with the highest 1080i.

Also Blu Ray re-mastered in 4K are still very few.

Bendable TV.. hhhmmm, improvement over flat screen will be very very minor.

Bendable on mobile phones though is a much better idea - less prone to cracks when dropped accidentally, follows the contour of your bum when you put it in your back pocket.

GentlemenRUs2485d ago

Who would even buy these? I think it's just another gimmick like that 3D which I have yet to use on my TV...

93d2485d ago

your point is right