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Philips Rolls Out 28-inch 4K Ultra HD Monitor for $1,200

Maximum PC: Philips just waved a hand in front of professionals looking for a high resolution display and said, "This is the monitor you're looking for." The monitor in question is the Philips UltraClear, a 28-inch panel with a 4K ultra high definition (UHD) resolution (3840x2160) for $1,200. That might not be affordable for the budget buyer shopping a 24-inch 1080p display, but if you're looking to go big, that's a pretty aggressive price tag compared to the crop of 30-inch panels featuring 2560x1600 resolutions.

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Audiggity2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Awesome! 4K 27"+ monitor price war will begin in 4-5 months.

But, seriously, Philips... why include speakers? If someone is dropping $1,200 on a 4k monitor, don't you think they have some speakers kicking around? Either cut the price or add other (useful) functions.