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Are we starting to see the end of the free file-sharing?

GigaOM- Many cloud-based services start out as freebies — and stay that way — for better or worse. Now Droplr, is joining a trickle of companies daring to (gasp!) charge for their products.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2679d ago

To answer the title: nope. Free services will always persist as the most dominant. Many companies which decide at some point to suddenly start charging for their services (whatever they may be) die off or find that they lose a lot of users. These companies then have to change their services to offer more than what is being offered by the free companies.

In terms of file sharing and storage there is not really much they can do to endear people to their service over free ones, so Droplr are now essentially up s**t creek without a paddle.

adorie2679d ago

Not a life raft in sight.

caseh2679d ago

To be honest, I never had an issue with paying back in the day for Rapidshare. Pretty much everyone was using it, same for Mega Upload.

Problems started when all these other free hosts cropped up, forum users would use numerous hosts to fit their own agenda (make more monies from sharing links).

As a result, I stopped paying for any kind of subscription as it was hit and miss as to whether or not the files you wanted would be available on the host you were paying for.

long live the torrent!

Dasteru2679d ago

Never heard of them, and i'd bet that within 6 months, the rest of the world will have forgotten them. Like deep said "up s**t creek without a paddle" They have just effectively nerfed their own company.

wannabe gamer2679d ago

droplt...never heard of it. these file sharing companies only offer something for free so they can get a lot of users and them pull a switch on them in hopes that they are so hooked that they pay up. its bait and switch for the new gen

GentlemenRUs2679d ago

Oh just get a Dropbox account, It will save you a lot of time with these other crappy file sharing sites...