Corning 3D Gorilla Glass announced

Gadgetgyaan: Corning has announced the best displays ever. The company has announced a lot of Gorilla Glass displays till this date. They have announced the Corning Gorilla Glass, The Gorilla Glass 2 and we think that they are going to announce the next version as well. Corning has announced the new Corning 3D Gorilla Glass display today.

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93d2489d ago

ah that's some great news, my S2 had fallen so many times but still no scratch on it :)

Speed-Racer2489d ago

My Nexus 4 has Gorilla Glass 2 I think and it cracked (small crack) but I must admit it's pretty durable given the number of times it has fallen considering I don't use a case either.

level 3602489d ago

My 55-inch Sony 3D LED/LCD has Corning Gorilla glass.

Glass not only looks sleek and tough, sure leaves an impression of high quality with it's wraparound bezel surrounding all the edge of the screen.

denero12489d ago

I don't like this technology because it harms the gorillas

>.> . . . . derp :)