Chromebooks outsold Macbooks in the US by a factor of five in 2013

Qz: Google’s Chromebook had a stellar year in the US. The stripped-down laptop that functions as little more than a web-browsing device vastly increased its share of the combined PC and tablet market to commercial buyers—that is schools, businesses, government and the like—from almost nothing to nearly 10%. Chromebooks accounted for 9.6% of PCs, laptops and tablets sold in the US between January and November this year, according to data from the NPD group, a market research firm, while the share of Apple laptops sold in this combined category declined from 2.6% to 1.8%.

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codyodiodi2490d ago

They also probably out-returned Macbooks by a factor of 5 too. Every non-tech person I've talked to who owns a Chromebook complains that they can't install Office on them.

Disclaimer: I think Chromebooks are awesome.

SnakeCQC2490d ago

If only people knew that you swap out the hdd and dual boot whatever the hell they want on the thing

blacktiger2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

that's how dumb customers are when they buy computer eh?

It's like buying a Bicycle and not running at 200KM like Motorbike. lol!

codyodiodi2487d ago

You'd be surprised how little most people know about technology. I had a sales person at Best Buy ask what I was wearing, when I replied with Google Glass she didn't seem to know what it was.. Even someone who works around technology doesn't need to follow it.

sham2489d ago

Chromebooks still has something missing