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YouTube Goes 4K, Google Signs up Long List of Hardware Partners for VP9 Support

GIGAOM: YouTube will be demonstrating 4K video at CES in Las Vegas next week, with a twist: The Google-owned video service will be showing off ultra high-definition streaming based on VP9, a new royalty-free codec that Google has been developing as an alternative to the H.265 video codec that’s at the core of many other 4K implementations.

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hesido2682d ago

I'd have liked to see 60fps videos on Youtube before 4K. 99.7% currently does not have access to 4K displays but all of our displays run at 60hz or higher.

njitram20002682d ago

60 fps in video is quite pointless, not an industry standard (23.976 for NTSC and 25 for PAL) and feels unnatural to most people.

The reason games are 60 fps is not because our eyes are capable of seeing it (we can only see about 24 frames/second) but because the responsiveness of the controller is tied to it and twitch-controls like shooters need that.

Kennytaur2682d ago

1. eyes can see way, WAY more than 24fps. That's simply the point at which video appear nice and fluid.

2. High framerates on YouTube would allow gameplay and trailers to be more representable of the product.

I would rather have high framerates and high bitrates long before this 4K rubbish. 1080p on YouTube isn't half as nice as a clean 720p video.

hesido2682d ago

NTSC is 60fps (tho interlaced) and PAL is 50fps (again, interlaced).. All those sports events you see is shot at 60fps (e.g. NBA) or 50fps(a football match in Europe)

Kennytaur is correct, the eyes can see much more than 24.

And I agree with Kenny, a 60fps youtube clip would much better represent the game, all those hard work devs put in to make their games fluid would not go to waste.

Speed-Racer2682d ago

Eyes can see more than 24 fps

I recently purchased a camera and you can tell the drastic difference when recording in 30fps vs 60fps mode.

njitram20002682d ago

Hmmm, it does seem that the frame limit of the human eye is a myth (even though I clearly remember reading it in my GCSE Physics book).

And the standards do support 1080p at 60fps but, as hesido mentioned, broadcast is done at 1080i, which is not acceptable for youtube. Interlaced is a technology designed for CRT displays.

So, forget my technical reasons from before.

Still, the only videos that would use 60fps are games that run at 60fps, which is a very small portion of youtube. Normal video is still shot at 23.976 or 25fps, even in 1080p.
Just look at the negative reaction to the 48fps Hobbit movies.

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Section82682d ago

Youtube went 4k over a year ago.

Section82676d ago

Really? Look at the date of the posted 4k vids. Earliest is from 2012.

Speed-Racer2682d ago

Only a rare few videos are in true 4K but more are maxxed at 1080p.

Section82676d ago

It still means they had 4k as early as 2012.

Speed-Racer2675d ago

Well 4K is pretty old in the sense that there have been 4K projectors for a while now but I think those vids were done as a special project, not for public upload.