Sony might launch a Windows Phone device this year

VR-Zone: Microsoft is allegedly in talks with Sony in getting the manufacturer to launch a Windows Phone handset later this year.

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gizmig2692d ago

Windows Phone! I don't think if that is a good idea. As android is already ruling the market I don't know where it will stand.

iamnsuperman2691d ago

I would make sense though. Getting their products on the two big platforms (obvious not ios) means wider recognition.

gizmig2691d ago

Well that is just an opinion of mine that I have predicted from the current status of the market. But I do agree with you getting on two big platform is quite a good idea. We never know when people will appreciate and start liking it.

Cueil2691d ago

I'm all for them supporting the platform... perhaps they'll integrate PSN into WP8.x

pandehz2691d ago

Dam lol that would be pretty epic.

Having xbox extras and psn extras in one phone.

Pillsbury12691d ago

They need to release playstation mobile to ALL platforms. Gakai streaming ps3 games to an android? Yes please!

r1sh122691d ago

@pillsbury - they tried a playstation android phone, it did not sell well.
THe new line of xperia phones are doing pretty decent, and they have no choice but to get in the windows phone market.
Believe it or windows phone has been eating up market share at blackberrys expense, many large organisations like diageo, accenture etc.. are switching to windows phone because they can lock them down much easier than other phones.
Yes blackberry can be locked down but not to the extent of windows phone and it allows system admins to remotely update etc..

Cueil2691d ago

It also helps that they can control the phones with the same software they control their PCs...and setting up their own marketplace removes people from playing Cut The Rope and Fart games

calis2691d ago

I'm currently going around Asia.

I am floored about how popular Sony phones are here.

mushroomwig2691d ago

'they tried a playstation android phone, it did not sell well. '

The PlayStation phone and GaiKai are two completely different products. Gaikai is a streaming service, not hardware.

r1sh122690d ago

Why not quote my entire sentence, rather than 1 part?
"They tried a playstation android phone, it did not sell well.
THe new line of xperia phones are doing pretty decent"

Now what does the full sentence indicate?
The playstation phone did not sell well, but the rest of the xperia line is doing decent.

I mean seriously - how do you quote like that?

2nd - I was responding to to comment about a playstation phone running android with gaikai streaming to it or an android phone.
Its not going to happen for a while, the APUs cant process graphics quickly enough yet.

Jeeze, when you take a part of a sentence and change its context you confuse yourself and everyone reading.

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pandehz2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Good decision.

Windows phone is picking up pace real quick.
The OS is so light and smooth. It has majority of the top apps found in android or ios and with the upcoming 'Cortana' update its just an amazing combo.

I'm just having a blast on my Lumia 1020, besides being the best camera phone, the OS works perfectly. Tiles on phones were just meant to be.

Soldierone2691d ago

Even they can't get me to buy this OS. Once my contract is up I'll just be buying HTC One 2.

SniperControl2691d ago

Looking forward to the Z2 this year, I am totally bored with my personal S3,contract on that runs out in August.
For work I have a Nokia 920, phone is amazing, but not a great fan of the OS though.