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HBO Still Doesn’t Get It: Game of Thrones Again the Most Torrented Show

Wired- Three seasons in and Game of Thrones still continues to set records — both legitimate and otherwise. After hitting ratings milestones earlier this year, it now has yet another accomplishment to boast about: the most pirated show of 2013.

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SJIND2685d ago

Maybe HBO doesn't care..

gunnerforlife2684d ago

i dont think they really care, because it is a cable service, they already get their money from the show, so i dont think it bothers them much, i anything it drives up DVD and digital sales of GOT.

ALICE6662684d ago

People who are pirating it were never likely to buy the episodes anyways... and they know this.

Also, its not aired in alot of countries so this probably makes up most numbers of the downloads.

Either way, I believe HBO don't really care much on the piracy as they probably believe it is good promotion and probably one of the reason its popularity has spread globally.

I even met GRRM the author of the series and he actually joked about it being the top rated pirated show in Australia at Suprnova Pop Culture Expo... lots of laughs there. lol.

Lord_Sloth2684d ago

I always purchase the dvds when they launch. I just don't feel like waiting 8 months to rewatch episodes.

Darrius Cole2683d ago

DVD, Blu-Ray and Ultraviolet Copy

Bathyj2684d ago

Some people download tv shows and then still buy it when it comes out on Bluray.

Not me, a friend of mine. She lives in Canada.

Xer0_SiN2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

i think it would mitigate it some if they didnt wait so long to release to bluray. i mean this is what? going on over half a year waiting on season 3 bluray. thats nuts!

Kaizin5142683d ago

You'd be surprised the amount of people that pirate the show and purchase the retail release. A show like this especially because it is overly costly to pay HBO monthly for something you can get for free and then buy at a higher quality later (with added bonuses). I am pretty sure Game of Thrones has a much higher disc-based sales than overall on-air viewership.

Biggest complaint though: waiting until mid to late March for the retail release and then watching a week before the next season airs.

AsimLeonheart2683d ago

I absolutely agree with you. I download GoT episodes each week because the show is not aired in my country. HBO Pakistan has aired only the first season here years ago and that was so heavily censored (violence, nudity and profanity) that the story did not make any sense. Since then we haven't got the second season and I had to download the episodes to watch the show properly. Most of the "pirates" are people who have no other choice any way so it does not harms the owners.

MonChiChi2683d ago

I got game of thrones from a friend which was pirated, had never seen the series before as I never owned HBO (only when Rome was on). Safe to say after watching all the seasons, I was hooked and in turn I went and bought the blurays.

So I agree with the promotion for the series.

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zaz122684d ago

the show is popular in countriest where it's not aired.

Abdou0232684d ago

"Also, its not aired in alot of countries so this probably makes up most numbers of the downloads. "

I live in the Middle East, the only way to watch American shows is by Torrents, specially Newer Seasons.

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