How to Increase Battery Life of Android Devices

Pakistanama: All the Android devices not necessarily have the function of optimization by default. To increase the battery life of your Android device, you must have to use a dedicated optimization app.

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lightcaster882660d ago

I use similar Apps to do the same thing, it does help. :)

dilawer2659d ago

Always end a sarcastic comment with a /Sarcasm. xD

dilawer2659d ago

Such a quick learner. /Sarcasm

Jonnyquest3212658d ago

Most likely better than your Punjabi or Urdu

twdll2658d ago

Surely as I wouldnt even try.

windblowsagain2659d ago

You don't need apps to do this.

Put screen on auto brightness
Put power save on unless your playing games.

KwietStorm_BLM2659d ago

Auto brightness is known to be completely unreliable, and power save options are not universal. Not every device/ROM has it.

caseh2658d ago

The easiest solution is don't use your phone, at all.

gizmig2658d ago

Well that seems to be a best option. ;)

steve30x2658d ago

When I enable power saving on my Samsung Galaxy S2 it randomly reboots.

Agent_hitman2659d ago

I always put the brightness to 0% so I can save more hours of battery life..

mushroomwig2659d ago

How do you see anything when you're outside?

Agent_hitman2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Yeah honestly, Sun is reflecting the screen but I can still see all the icons but the text?, no.. Anyhow I don't usually wake my tablet when I'm outside..

bunt-custardly2658d ago

Leaving WIFI On when not needed canes the battery big time.

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