Facebook Is ‘Dead and Buried’ to Teens, and That’s Just Fine for Facebook

Wired: "Anthropologist Daniel Miller has been studying British teens, and he has a dire message for Facebook: The social network is “dead and buried” to Britain’s 16-to-18-year-olds because they’re “embarrassed even to be associated with it.”"

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dilawer2659d ago

Looks like it's losing the charm. Remember MySpace! FB may meet the same fate.

Crazyglues2659d ago

It's unlikely that facebook suffers the same fate as MySpace.. and the reason lies in the leadership.

Facebook is a lot smarter then people think, that's why they tried to buy snap-chat, because they see the holes in their armor -- MySpace never did. Right now these teens are not really a big deal, but as the trend continues it will be...

But Facebook won't let that happen they will find a way to grab those consumers when they become adults by making the service more invaluable -- right now it's not but facebook see's the bigger picture...

Right now a few teens not using the service is not going to put a dent in the Facebook numbers.. (So were a long way from facebook becoming MySpace)

dilawer2658d ago

Hmm, great point there. They also bought Instagram. I see the strategy, it's completely different from MySpace's.

Yi-Long2658d ago

Well, Facebook's 'problem' is that EVERYONE is on it, and as a teenager, you really don't want to share such an online existence with your grandpa and mother, while at the same time you 'like' every picture of that cute 15 year old from your class... ;)

2658d ago
GentlemenRUs2658d ago

Once the PS4 allows me to save recordings to an external drive, I can finally say "F YOU" facebook and delete my account :P

e-p-ayeaH2658d ago

So you can put it on youtube? good luck without getting copyright acclaims.

GentlemenRUs2657d ago

Not had one yet, I've had a video of Resogun up ever since the 29th November :P

Youtube can do shove it with that crap ;)

jerethdagryphon2658d ago

Facebook may fade but I doubt it will die its too usefull. Yes everyone is on it and that can make awkward things but as a finding tool its second to none

Looking for that forl from elementary school try face book. Its a gateway

sealava2658d ago

Teens were good for the start and gave it Publicity boost.
Now they want money and that's not in the teens boat .
start targeting the $$$ people and companies .

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