Intel Hires 16 Year Old For New Devices Group

HardwarePal : There are many times when youngsters amaze us , something that happened last year at the White House Science Fair ,when a 15 year old 8th grader Joey Hudy demonstrated his marshmallow cannon made out of PVC pipes to President Barack Obama.

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GenericNameHere2685d ago

Well, that makes the kid infinitely more successful than me now. I feel sad... I'm just gonna go stuff my face with big ol' triple deluxe marshmallows :(

Spiewie 2685d ago

Hmm impressive. Wish I was hired back then.

thereapersson2684d ago

Initially makes us all a bit sick, doesn't it? But then, this kid has had access to technology far beyond what people like myself had back in the 90's, so his perception of the world and what he knows and how it works is different. He grew up with it around him at a faster rate, and technology bonding with those formative years really helped the development progression of his brain.

It's great to know that the saturation can help grow a young mind into something relevant, regardless. Today's society is so dependent on technology that you almost have to have some sort of computer knowledge out of the womb to make it anywhere anymore.