30 million Dogecoins stolen on Christmas Day. Here is what happened

Vyralize: Wow. Such scare. About 30 million Dogecoins valued to be around US $16,800, have been stolen in a Christmas Hack. The news initially broke over at the Dogecoin forums when a user complained that his wallet with over 1 million Dogecoins suddenly vanished. More users chimed in, also claiming that their coins had disappeared into thin air and didn’t know what to do.

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hesido2687d ago

Wow. To this day, I had thought Dogecoins was an actual joke.

wannabe gamer2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

me too, im confused on why anyone would actully put their money into these things. its so hard to believe that it seems like april fools

Speed-Racer2687d ago

You wouldn't believe how many coin operators there are and surprisingly Dogecoin has gained value since the hack

GentlemenRUs2687d ago

Good, Who the hell uses a coin based off a meme?

My god some people...

jerethdagryphon2687d ago

for the same reson people put money insto stocks

to try to make money
also part of it is community and such same as with certain groups of techies