Snowden’s “Alternative Christmas Message”: Why privacy matters

SlashGear: "Edward Snowden has recorded this year's "Alternative Christmas Message" for Great Britain's Channel 4. The video is brief -- lasting just 1:43 -- with Snowden directly addressing "you and your family" about the state of mass surveillance and the reasons for why privacy matters now and in the future. "

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360ICE2498d ago

There's literally just one sentence on why privacy is important, and that's:

"Privacy is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be."

Maybe he should've spent a little more than 1:43. Being under surveillance doesn't mean anything unless it's used against you. Now, there are serious worries to be had about the safekeeping of the surveillance data and how governments will use the data, but please speak about that instead of serving quasi-philosophical soundbites.