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U.S. Army Base Runs Unlicensed Windows 7 Computers

TorrentFreak- A few weeks ago the U.S. Government paid a $50 million settlement for pirating military logistics software, which was used to protect soldiers and shipments in critical missions. Following this news, a soldier stationed in Qatar told TorrentFreak that several computers at his base run unlicensed copies of Windows 7, which he backs up with photo evidence. “I feel the army should be kept honest and accountable for what they do,” the soldier says.

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Spiewie 2693d ago

Ohh what would people do without piracy xD

Blackdeath_6632693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

i think the license just run out, if it was a pirated OS you wouldn't get that message. i have a laptop from school and its license had also run out doesn't mean it was pirated (i know for certain it wasn't the IT guys fixed it for me)just that it wasn't intended to be used for longer than the two year period the laptop was supposed to be owned in. the soldier who revealed it probably thinks that message means the OS isn't legit when all it means is that the OS needs to be activated and some lazy ass guy didn't bother to go round and fix it

i think it just the result of incompetence, it can easily be fixed by running cmd as admin and typing ‘SLMGR –REARM’

minimur122693d ago

the booking system we use at my work (leisure cventre) uses windows 98(??) as the basis before launching the booking program and all that stuff, and when you do the background is black and you can see in the corner 'this copy of windows is not legitimate'

it's quite funny being as our company bought a licnese to use their system yet it doesnt want to pay microsoft, its full of dodge. (but imagine how much they'd have to pay)

kingPoS2692d ago

I believe there may be some confusion between a commercial & business license. Microsoft usually doesn't include those kind of arbitrary time limits on single machine copies.

Blackdeath_6632692d ago


the time limit i was talking about was on an enterprise version of win7 the kind they use to run PC within an organization like a school it wasn't for a single pc (there were a couple thousand iirc)

ProjectVulcan2693d ago

Oh don't you just love when the government do whatever they please and get away with it but if Joe average makes the tiniest accidental infraction they come down on you like a hammer

TechNews2693d ago

They should just download the REMOVEWAT.exe file and put it in c:\Windows and click on it :P

justlikeme2693d ago

Budget cuts have to come from somewhere! LOL