CyanogenMod Hits 10 Million Installs

CrazRoid: "CyanogenMod is a well known name in the Android world. Rooting and flashing ROMs on your android phone wouldn’t be so awesome if it weren’t for CyanogenMod. Well, there’s some happy news for both CyanogenMod users and developers behind it, the most popular Android ROM has achieved 10 million installs milestone recently."

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Spiewie 2667d ago

It's good to see this growing it will push Google to keep improving Android. Hopefully Android can finally kill off IOS.

dilawer2666d ago

Android has already beaten iOS in numbers. It won't be long before Android completely takes over, lol.

Spiewie 2666d ago

Android for the win. We must make some sort of a chant to encourage them.

gamernova2666d ago

I am one of those 10 million installs and am damn proud of it.