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New venture would replace signs with LED embedded carpet

RedFerret: "We’re constantly bombarded with signs offering advertising and directions as we rush about getting from one place to another. A new partnership between lighting giant Royal Phillips and Desso, a high-quality carpeting producer, aims to replace many of these annoying signs with LED-embedded carpet instead."

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Spiewie 2694d ago

Sounds pretty stupid if you ask me...

dilawer2694d ago

How? Isn't it much better to get rid of signs and have them embedded in the carpet you're walking on? I find it somewhat helpful.

Spiewie 2694d ago

Well i'm the kind of guy who walks with his head high looking down for signs wouldn't be my cup of tea plus what happens when the place gets crowdy

Unztayble2693d ago

I can see them inventing an entire carpet filled with LED's and having a light show on the floor and have them manipulate images and whatnot.

Sounds like a great idea to me. And with the cheap costs of LED's this shouldn't be that expensive for companies and the entertainment industry to adopt quickly.

dilawer2693d ago

haha, I agree that seems like even better idea than the sign one. :D
Carpet turns into dance floor! Lol, every house should have one.