Windows Phone users can receive extra 20 GB SkyDrive storage per year

Point games: On the occasion of winter holidays as Microsoft began to send users who have Windows Phone, email invitations so that they can activate the use of 20 GB in SkyDrive.

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MajorGecko2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

this is good! wish i had this for my andriod i seem to have disappearing internal memory syndrome LOL my 16 gb internal has 2 gigs of movies and 1 gig of apps and i only have 1.5 gigs free???? thanks Note 1 i guess samsung is tryna make me upgrade

Spiewie 2503d ago

All great but I'm not a fan of windows phones. I find Android to suit me best.

sealava2502d ago

mega gives you 50g free.