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IAD's Justine Sacco fired over racist AIDS tweet

Vyralize: If you don't know who Justine Sacco is, then don't feel bad. Most of us didn't until she posted a rather racist remark on her Twitter account which happened to become a worldwide trend.

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zeal0us2696d ago

Just how stupid can she be?

RyuCloudStrife2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

this means she is going to Africa to get gangbanged.

tarbis2696d ago

She's white and blonde. Need I say anything more?

M-M2696d ago

I know, this makes Adam Orth look smart lol.

ChrisW2696d ago

Many times it has been proven over and over... The truth can hurt!

Ogygian2696d ago

Her statement doesn't even make logical sense. Idiot.

proudly_X2695d ago

"I'm white" - That's the most stupid of the entire statement. I thought racism no longer exist, but each day, in football and with ridiculous statements like this, it just breaks my heart completely. To continue to believe that one race has superiority over another is completely moronic. Shame on her! #Sad

1nsomniac2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

I think someone is trying to dissect the statement a little to much!

The whole statement is designed to be stereotypical. The fact that she's white so cant catch AIDS is no more stereotypical than saying because she's going to Africa she's going to catch AIDS.

No need to over analyse it. The whole statement is ridiculous no part more so than the other.

WheatBread2696d ago

What a moron. She just ruined her career.

hesido2696d ago

This should give us all hope, you can totally lack basic communication skills and etiquette and still be the corporate communications manager at a big corporation.

wishingW3L2696d ago

she was hot though which is a huge advantage that many don't have. Being good looking often overrides stupidity.

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The story is too old to be commented.