The Day Google Had to 'Start Over' on Android

The Atlantic- Google was building a secret mobile product to fend off chief rival Microsoft. Then Apple announced the iPhone, and everything changed.

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SJIND2669d ago

And today Android is dominant.

colonel1792668d ago

I must admit that I am not a fan of android, although I don't like iOS 7 that much either. I like a lot of features Andorid has, but if there is something I really hate is the inconsistency of the OS. Every brad has their own style of android, and it makes it somewhat confusing. Also, it really sucks that there is no way to know if the new version will be available for your device, or when. Like KitKat, it's only for Nexus 5 at the moment, but when will it be available for other phones?

One thing I love about iOS is that since Apple restrict the content on the OS, carriers can't put their own applications on the phones. I hate when I buy a new phone and it's full of carrier's crap and pictures, etc.

Speed-Racer2668d ago

KitKat 4.4.2 is also out for the Nexus 4, 7, and 10.

nirwanda2668d ago

Android can be anything you want it to be with the right home launcher.
And even some older phones can be updated to kit kat if you use custom ROMs, some company's don't always airport there older models after two years as they want to attract you to there newer models.

caseh2668d ago

Yeah true what you say about Android. Switching between devices is almost like being slapped with a different Windows OS every year.

Bloated with manufactuer/carrier bloatware, settings all over the place etc.

Still, love Android and will chose it over anything Apple pushes out.

sealava2668d ago

the thing you hate about android is why I and millions like about it .
and the thing you like about iOS is why i and millions hate Apple.
to each his own :)
and that's why rivalry is good.(although some times I think apple just doesn't care and is still stuck in its old formula )

iliimaster2668d ago

i prefer the iphone over android and ive had years with both from a iphone 3g - iphone4s to a samsung gs3 when it came out and still is my current phone... I have big hands and to me specifically the texting is sloppy compared to the iphone i find texting the the iphone im about 40% more accurate how is that so with a smaller screen and keyboard i dont get it it just works ive even downloaded apps that make the texting look like the iphone but then when you click to install it says u have to allow all these things like being able to modify contacts delete stuff full access to my network basically sign over ev erything for this little app forget that

JOLLY12667d ago

I'm glad I have WP8. I've tried both ios and android, they just weren't for me.