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The end of the Facebook era

Takeaswig- With each passing year, Facebook struggles to keep the attention of the future generation. Studies show that the number of teens active on Facebook has declined as much as 16% in Q3 of 2013. This foreshadows the inevitable exodus to the next generation of social networks. I want to talk about why this is happening, and why this is important in the history of social technology.

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gizmig2699d ago

From my point of view, "IF" ever Facebook era ends then it will be a point to study why it has end? As of now I don't think so it has any flaws to come near to end until and unless people get another level of option better than Facebook.

denero12697d ago

I'm watching facebook myself I think it may slow down but that comes with all long standing websites >.>

lol i doubt google plus will be the fb killer though lol

gizmig2697d ago

We never know what gonna last in this mighty world. But all I understand and noticed is only one thing is permanent in this world that is "CHANGE".

ajax172697d ago

I'm pretty much done with Facebook. I really only use mine for other website logins

ChrisW2697d ago

I still enjoy FB. Most people are getting pissed off about how the site shoves things at you, yet they don't understand that most of those things can be shut off.

Such as Candy Crush invites...

steve30x2697d ago

They are constantly changing the news feed too. They will only show you posts that they think you want to see instead of posts that you actually want to see.

steve30x2697d ago

Facebook are doing it to themselves. Their privacy is very bad and they are making changes constantly that most people dont like.

GraveLord2697d ago

Most people I know still use Facebook, although the spamming and random posts aren't done as often, which I guess is a good thing.

Going forward Facebook will be more about socializing, not about getting 3000 friends. Let the kids move to Twitter or whatever.

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