One-Way, Manned Mission To Mars Just Got Closer To Reality

Pop Sci:

Mars One announces deals with Lockheed Martin and SSTL to develop technology to colonize the Red Planet by 2025.

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Spiewie 2673d ago

Colonising a Mars would be revolutionary something crazy but it's going to be very difficult to maintain life there.

wishingW3L2672d ago

the plan is not to colonize it to live there but to use it as a giant gas station for further/deeper space exploration.

^ I heard that on Breaking Bad. XD

Spiewie 2672d ago

Haha Breaking Bad great show. Well possibly in the distant future they humanity will want to live there.

b163o12672d ago

I'd sign up for that, wouldn't want to come back either lol LOL LMAO!!!

Blasphemy2672d ago

only issue is making it there without dying.