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Apple's iPhone 5s remains 'by far the top selling smartphone'

AppleInsider: "Apple continues to dominate smartphone sales with their flagship iPhone 5s and mid-range iPhone 5c as the handsets took two of the top three sales slots at every major U.S. wireless carrier for the third month in a row."

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gizmig2701d ago

I guess it deserves to be at top.

Spiewie 2701d ago

Not a fan of the Iphone. I think the Nexus will be the next big thing with Google supporting it they can't go wrong.

KingPin2700d ago

the problem is the nexus phones aren't released worldwide like the iphones. so sales wont be nearly as high.

dilawer2700d ago

I agree. If Google starts offering Nexus devices in as many countries as Apple iPHone, it could become the next big thing.

Spiewie 2700d ago

Yeah but the Nexus will bring them success so it's only a matter of time before it goes worldwide.