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Top 5 Tech Flops Of 2013

ThatNaijaBlog - 2013 was an incredible year with lot of innovation and comebacks. Although, the focus is not on gadgets that dropped the jaws of tech geeks rather, on gadgets which where hyped but still became a flop despite a mass budget campaign to shove them down the throat of consumers.

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Mikefizzled2700d ago

The lack of smart watches is disappointing.

proudly_X2700d ago

If the list was more than 5, Smart watches would definitely find a home in it.

2pacalypsenow2700d ago

chromebooks dont all cost 1300

Mikefizzled2699d ago

The Chromebook Pixel costs £1029 now on Amazon UK.

admiralvic2699d ago

Wii U was released and did poorly in 2012... However, there is always time to fix it.