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NASA says ozone hole stabilizing but won't fully recover until 2070

LA Times- The hole in the ozone layer is stabilizing but will take until about 2070 to fully recover, according to new research by NASA scientists.

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SJIND2677d ago

I thought the recovery would take centuries...

Spiewie 2677d ago

Yeah I thought it would take way longer. Hmm well the sooner the better.

Agent_hitman2675d ago

At least it's recovering, I don't care if it takes years or centuries.. To god be the glory this is a good news for future generations.

RBlue_Desire2675d ago

Psh more like good news to factories. Now they can pump up more pollution.

twdll2675d ago

Yea, Now we can focus on global warming! Damn Humans... We're just parasites.

SilentNegotiator2675d ago

Yeah, that's why we all came together to stop using the chemicals that caused the hole and are actively working to see it get back to normal levels. That's why the rate of violence on earth is tumbling down at a fast rate. That's why we're trying to correct mistakes made in times of greater ignorance.

Don't you ever get tired of "Humans suck" nonsense?

WeedyOne2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Its sad but true, we are a disease on this planet.

Its not just the chemicals that make us damaging. Its how we claim things as "ours" example being land. Its how we destroy habitats by expanding cities. Its how we multiply. Its in our numbers that we demand so many resources both chemical and natural.

If we really want to stop being so damaging to this world we need to cut down on our numbers.

SilentNegotiator2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Ok, Scrooge.

360ICE2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I guess I agree with WeedyOne on this one. Just humans giving up meat could do wonders on the way to solving global warming, the global food crisis and would greatly further animal well being. As stated by the UN. Cut down on meat today!

Or we could complain about how much mankind sucks on Internet forums.

SirBradders2675d ago

Dude 1% of america own 40% of the wealth of the country approxiametly with all the money they are being greedy and sitting on they can push the world green and end poverty (not to mention top 1st world european countries). Yet it falls to the working class and our hard work to help make the world go round. Tell me do all these bankers, greesy ceo's, ariticratic politicians whp inherited their wealth and contacts, do they work 400x times harder than their avearge worker NO, so until the planet strikes a balance between equality and democracy and until humans as a race can be responsible in positions of wealth and power we are fucked as a planet.

Don't take this sinically becaise there is good also on earth although it is hard to come by. But wake up mate everything you read in the media is what the elite 1% want you to hear FACT!

360ICE2675d ago

The 1% elite want you to hear that the 1% owns most of America's wealth. Because that's in the media a lot.

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cyclindk2675d ago

Meh, bunch a made up hoodiddle by liberal enviro-whosa-whatsits... Ozone? Sounds made up, just like the G-spot and the female orgasm, is that the Ozone they are referring to?

There ain't nuffin in me ol' Babble about no kinna Ozone, no sirry.

Soldierone2675d ago

Meh, when the world no longer wants us there is nothing we can do about it. Not like we as humans care. Some of us do, others don't and won't until their drive to the mall is in danger.