AT&T wants to spy on you in exchange for $70 Gigabit Internet

Vyralize: AT&T is stepping up the game by offering gigabit Internet speeds within the Austin, Texas area from 2014 at the same price as Google Fiber. There’s one catch though, they’ll be getting to monitor your web browsing history.

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GentlemenRUs2713d ago

Dupe of

Also, There are ways to block em spying but I won't say.

awiseman2713d ago

Virtual Private Network

pinkyxyz2713d ago

virtual private network

GenericNameHere2713d ago

I don't mind them checking the sites I go through everyday. Most teenagers my age would probably, in no particular order, be on these sites regularly:

-I'm in the weird part of Youtube again
•Gaming site
•Then end it off with another Porn

I sometimes get distracted by a tittilating ad on the side, click on it, and find myself on the disturbing side of the interwebz again.

shivvy242713d ago

Yea everything but instagram

Sadist32713d ago

They can check on me all they want. All they're going to see are all the web sites I visit. Feel sorry for whoever has that boring job

shivvy242713d ago

Time to watch some Little Big Planet PornHUB

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